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The OpenId extension for OKAPI is an OpenId wrapper/driver to enable OKAPI to receive OpenId authentication (id provider)
requests and to send authentication requests to an identity provider.


Access to the identity provider

Most of the time it is not necessary to be granted access to an idendity provider (authentication server).
But there are many nonpublic identity providers (e.g. M-connect) which will only grant access after registration.
Before trying to get data from these servers, please check for such a restriction.

PHP version

>= 5.2

3rd party

PHP modules

  • Curl || https stream wrapper

OpenId library

Since this extension does not implement the OpenId procedure by itself, an external library is necessary.
The LightOpenId library was chosen, since it is very light weight and provided functionality to meet all current requirements.


This extension is part of the OKAPI extension repository. To add this to your application, you need to add the extesnion
to svn:externals definition of your application repository.

Code Block
    $> svn propedit svn:externals ext/

Your default editor will open. Just add

Code Block

to the file and store it.

Code Block
    $> svn up 

will then download the sources.

Further Reading